2. November 2009

My Hometown

This is where I live. I love this village (2908 inhabitants). We have a wonderful landscape, large city is just around the corner. But all I need for living I can buy here. Kindergarden and school are around. I live in the center of the village therefore I need no car to make my shopping or bring my kid to playground, kindergarden or friends. I am very happy to live here!


  1. sehr schön :) Is there any snow in the mountains yet?

  2. Not yet, but in some days it is possible. There was always snow in mid November.

  3. O my must be fantastic to live there! Some years ago we did had our vacation in Sell am See ! Great country! I live in the north of Netherlands and here's everything FLAT :)

  4. It is lovely!

    Thanks for following me on twitter. I followed you too and will follow your blog as well!


  5. Thank you all for you nice comments. My husband and me were searching for two years to find the perfect new home for us and we finally found it here. It is a fine valley with small mountains, we got snow every winter and large city is at the end of the valley 10 min away and capital city Vienna is about 35 min away. Just perfect!

  6. What a gorgeous town!


  7. Wow what a beautiful Place,,I would love to live there to...thank you for bringing us along...

  8. That is heaven. Maybe one day, I'll get there.


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