Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I love my garden

We have a big garden and it is lots of work reining it, but it brings so much joy in our life and it is just fun to see the changes every day.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Am I a tree-hugger? - Bin ich ein Öko-Freak?

Even though it is getting harder, I still love to be green. I always was a kind of collecting freak. As kid I had problems to throw things away, package paper, ribbons, boxes, fabric leavings, etc. As adult it was clear that I separate garbage, glass, paper, metal, no question. And easy to do. But nowadays it is getting hard to manage your everyday life and stay green. We are required to regard some measures for a better environment.

1. Waste separation
2. Save energy and water
3. Buy products of your home country
4. When buying patriotically, buy regional, support local business
5. When buying international, pay attention to child labour, fair trade and no support for countries which have a dictatorship
6. Don't eat food, which is chemical, imported, on a red list, illegal, transported around the world
7. Use things twice or more often (i.e. plastic bags, give clothes to another person, give your magazines to a friend or two)
8. When electrical devices are broken, do not throw it away, but let them repair
9. Do not support businesses and companies which pollute environment

And now there is this issue with our climate, which indicates new points.

10. Don't buy things which are bad for climate (high production efforts)
11. Do things which are good for climate (i.e. no use of elevator and car; full load of dishwaher and washing machines, take a shower not a bath)

I am sure I have forgotten a hundreds things, but often I have a guilty conscience about breaking any of the listed measures. I am a mother, I want to and have to be an example, I want to do my stint to make a better future for my child or at least try not to make it worse. But I don't know if people can imagine how hard it is for a housewife to buy the right stuff in the supermarket. Where does the food come from? Is it biological? Are this chicken or that turckey treated well as long as they were alive? Is there too much salt in this sausage? Is this pure cheese or the chemical stuff? Are these eggs from caged chicken? Was this steak once happy?
I do not think that I am an eco-wacko. I do my best, I try my best, but sometimes...

Auch wenn es immer schwieriger wird, ich liebe es noch grün zu handeln. Ich war immer eine Art Sammel-Freak. Als Kind hatte ich Probleme, Dinge wegzuwerfen, Papier, Bänder, Schachteln, Stoffreste, etc. Als Erwachsener war es klar, dass ich Müll, Glas, Papier, Metall trenne, keine Frage. Aber heutzutage ist es immer schwerer, den Alltag zu managen und grün zu bleiben. Wir werden dazu angehalten, einige Maßnahmen für eine bessere Umwelt zu beachten. 
1. Abfall-Trennung 
2. Energie und Wasser sparen
3. Kaufen Sie Produkte aus Ihrem Heimatland 
4. Beim Kauf patriotisch denken, kaufen Sie bei regionalen, lokalen Unternehmen 
5. Beim Kauf aus dem Ausland, achten Sie auf Kinderarbeit, fairen Handel und keine Unterstützung für Länder, die eine Diktatur haben 
6. Verzehren Sie keine Lebensmittel, die chemisch, importiert, illegal sind, auf einer roten Liste stehen, und um die Welt transportiert werden 
7. Verwenden Sie die Dinge zweimal oder öfter (zB Plastiktüten, geben Sie Kleidung an eine andere Person, Ihre Zeitschriften an einen Freund weiter) 
8. Wenn elektrische Geräte defekt sind, nicht wegwerfen, sondern reparieren lassen
9. Keine Unterstützung für Unternehmen, die die Umwelt verschmutzen

Und jetzt gibt es noch dieses Klima-Problem, das neue Punkte aufzeigt.

10. Kaufen Sie keine Dinge, die schlecht für das Klima sind (hohe Produktionskosten) 
11. Dinge tun, die gut für das Klima sind (zB keine Verwendung von Lift und Auto; vollen Geschirrspüler und Waschmaschine, eine Dusche nehmen und kein Vollbad)

Ich bin sicher, ich habe ein hunderte Dinge vergessen, aber oft habe ich ein schlechtes Gewissen die aufgeführten Maßnahmen zu vernachlässigen. Ich bin Mutter, ich will und muss ein Beispiel sein. Ich möchte meinen Beitrag leisten, um eine bessere Zukunft für mein Kind zu ermöglichen oder zumindest versuchen, es nicht noch schlimmer zu machen. Aber ich weiß nicht, ob Leute können sich vorstellen, wie schwer es für eine Hausfrau ist, im Supermarkt korrekt einzukaufen. Wo kommt das Essen her? Ist es biologisch? Sind dieses Huhn oder der Truthahn gut behandelt worden, als sie noch lebten? Ist zuviel Salz in dieser Wurst? Ist das reiner Käse oder das chemische Zeug? Sind diese Eier aus Käfighaltung? War dieses Steak einmal glücklich? Ich glaube nicht, dass ich ein Öko-Freak bin. Ich gebe mein Bestes, versuche ich mein Bestes, aber manchmal ...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Me and my Dog! My Dog and Me?

We have a difficult relationship. I 'inherited' our dog Benno from my brother, because his wife began to work fullday and Benno was alone the whole day. Poor! He was six months old and even though I knew I had to do all work with that dog I agreed to take him. He was cute, he was sweet, he had a temper like a rubber ball and he had bad manners. So my husband went to dogschool with him. Benno passed the exam as best. He knew exactly what to do in dogschool, but at home he had forgotten everything. In the garden or in the street he cannot remember any commands, he ignores you and he buggers off.
But he is an absolutely darling with my daughter, she was 2,5 years old when Benno came and they were bosom buddies at once. She can do anything to him, he just let it happen or he goes away and hide. He never ever made dog dirt in the house and he is very obedient inside. And he puts on guard. Smart burglars hopefully pick another house to rob.
Now he is two years with us and he got calmer (me too) and lazier, lies around the whole day. But this is the time when another nuisance beginns. It is getting cold outside and in the garage (where he has his place) and he may (he wants to) sleep in the kitchen. But with every step he makes he looses hair. Even if he just stands still doghair are jumping off. Huge doghair balls in every corner! In wintertime my Hoover is my best friend.
He knows exactly my mixed feelings about him, but I am the one who gave him food, so most of the time he tries to be a good boy. Whenever I tell this story to another mother and housewife, they agree. Hmm, are women catpeople and men and children dogpeople? I don't know, but when I think it over, all in all I am glad that Benno joined us.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

What a nice idea! I received this beautiful Blog Award from Justine. I am very happy that my blog has so many followers and you enjoy visiting it.  

Here are the rules for the "One Lovely Blog Award." Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and her/his blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Now here you will find my 15 choices for the award:

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2.   Carla's Custom Creations 
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10.  Laughing Fridge Art Magnets 
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15.  WrappedNwarmth Creations 

Lovely blogs. Check them out!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Why has Fire such a Power of Attraction?

It's getting cold outside and my husband and me are eager to prepare everything - paper, wood, matches - for making fire in our fireplace in the house. We have these huge old Viennese tiled stoves, so you cannot really see the fire. 
tiled oven
But I know there is fire in the oven and it is getting warmer in the room, in the house and even in my heart. It is a kind of magic! Light a candle or a fire in the garden and absolutely everybody wants to be close the light and the warmth. Amazing! It is the same with water, but that story I tell another time.
So I hope all of you find a warm and cosy place at home in this time when it is getting colder and darker. 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a Sweet Surprise!

One day I hearted this beautiful shop at Etsy and then I got a mail from Kim which said that I was her 351th heart and therefore she will send me a little felted surprise. Now I got the package and I was really surprised and delighted about the cute little felted soap.

Dear Kim, you make my day.
Thank you.

I am proud to be featured

Shirley from featured me on her blog
Please visit her blog and shop, because she is doing amazing things with paper.

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My new yellow/green checked Bunny

This is my new bunny, but it is listed on DaWanda not on Etsy. Come on by and have a look:

Little Towel for my little Girl

I 'inherited' some new towels from a friend and I made this small towel for my daughter. The bias bindings are from HERE

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am delighted to be featured

My orange/white checked bunny has been featured on
Take a break and visit this wonderful blog.
Thank you.

I am proud to be featured

Nicole featured my bunny on her 'I Love Etsy' site. 
Have a look:
or meet Nicole on her blog:
or on twitter:
Thank you. I am flattered.

I just LOVE applejuice

We have a very big garden with lots of appletrees. When we moved in our house with this garden we were overextended with all the fruits. The first year we gave the apples away, I made applesauce and I baked hundreds of apple pie, we almost hated apple pie after some weeks. And there are still so many apples left, which were rotten after some time. So my husband decided to get a squeezer the next year. That was one of his best ideas. We collect the apples and squeezes the best, purest and biological applejuice ever. Average we get 100 litre/22 gallone juice. We heat it and fill it in bottles. That is work for some hours but we got applejuice for at least one year and we don't have a guilty conscience about throwing something to eat away or let it rotten.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Get Some Spirituality In Our Everyday Life

Some find it when drinking tea, cleaning bathrooms or windows, baking cookies, doing yoga, but I find my little bit spirituality when sitting on the riding mower. I have time to think or not to think, I can hear nothing (because the mower is very loud), nobody can talk with me, nobody disturbes me. It is my time alone with me. At least one valuable hour. Even my little daughter leaves me alone. The only thing I have to pay attention are the molehills and low-lying branches. On the mower I have my best ideas, my mind spreads, I can hear the universe. Isn't that the coolest thing!
Enjoy life!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There it is, Rusty Bunny!

Now, on etsy, click here

My baby girl is 4! Happy Birthday! We love you!

Oh my god, where is the time? Yesterday she was born, today she is 4 years old. I can't believe it. I am so proud, because she is the best girl, best daughter, best everything.
We had a big birthdayparty on Sunday and today there is partytime in the kindergarden.
I made a cake looking like a pirates ship. My husband and I always saying: "We don't have a princess, we got a pirate."

Monday, October 5, 2009

It needs 26 parts to be a Bunny

Heute nähe ich ein neues Häschen und ich habe ein Foto von allen Teilen gemacht, die man braucht. 26 Teile, richtig zusammengenäht, noch eine Schleife dazu (Teil 27) - et voila, wenn alles OK geht, dann gibt's morgen einen brandneuen Schlappohrhasen. 
Mami Made It - Bunny
Today I am making a new bunny and I took a picture of all fabric parts, which are necessary to be a bunny one time. 26 single fabric parts, sewn together in the right way, add a bow, which is part 27 - et voila, if everything goes OK tomorrow a brandnew bunny will appear. 

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My friend Andrea

I have to thank my friend Andrea that I am at Etsy, because she recommended this platform to me. She makes glassbead jewelleries for over 20 years and she is really savvy with that subjet. She has three girls, three cats, one dog and a husband to care about. In the first she is mother, than mother, oh ja and mother. We would say she is a 'Glucke' (sitting hen), but in a good way. Admirably!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brought ebay stuff to post office

I did not get rich with selling stuff on ebay. But I do not scrap books or DVDs. Never ever throw books away, that is an act of sacrileg. So when there is nobody of my family or friends to give, I try to sell the stuff on ebay.

I never mind just getting a dollar or two for those things, but I know that there is anybody who really wants to have my stuff. My hubby always tattles and smiles about the amounts I reach, but I find that's OK. The deal is: I got space in my house and someone else got things he wanted. ebay is just the platform where we get to know each other.
So both parties are satisfied!

Flower Bunny gets Bow

I have made a bow for my orange/white bunny, which looks so cute, so I made for my flower bunny a bow too. Look at the picture!