October 1, 2009

Brought ebay stuff to post office

I did not get rich with selling stuff on ebay. But I do not scrap books or DVDs. Never ever throw books away, that is an act of sacrileg. So when there is nobody of my family or friends to give, I try to sell the stuff on ebay.
Brought ebay stuff to post office

I never mind just getting a dollar or two for those things, but I know that there is anybody who really wants to have my stuff. My hubby always tattles and smiles about the amounts I reach, but I find that's OK. The deal is: I got space in my house and someone else got things he wanted. ebay is just the platform where we get to know each other.
So both parties are satisfied!
Have a nice day


  1. I love your philosophy!! It's mine too. I'm so happy to sell on ebay and know somebody is enjoying and wanting it!!


  2. I haven't sold on ebay but know a lot of people who have. I love your bunnies!

    (So Many Memories)

  3. This is the purest and sweetest blog I've read in a while , keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you for your nice and encouraging comments.


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