October 3, 2009

My friend Andrea

That is my friend Andrea, she is the one who told me the first time of selling online. Never thought of that before. She makes glassbead jewelleries for over 20 years and she is really savvy with that subjet. She has three girls, three cats, one dog and a husband to care about. In the first she is mother, than mother, oh ja and mother. We would say she is a 'Glucke' (sitting hen), but in a good way. Admirably!

Glassbead jewelleries by Andrea Putz

Have a nice day


  1. Nice story! Thanks for introducing your friend! I gave her shop a heart, though it may be sometime before I can afford anything from her shop. But her bead work is beautiful; I can't believe those sphere earrings have 500 beads each!!

  2. I saw the bracelets, the beads are smaller than 1mm/0,04 in. It's incredible! You have to thread them on a string. I hardly can see the bead. Just for good eyes!


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