November 14, 2009

Featured on From The Factory - WIN GIVEAWAY

I am happy to be featured on the BLOG From The Factory. So please visit her on her blog, read the terrific feature Ashli made of me and my work and win a giveaway from me. You can also visit her SHOP at Etsy or follow her on TWITTER.

Thank you!

Congrats Aik! You are the winner of a holiday bottle bag!

You can see detailed photos from the giveaway - Bottle Gift Bag - in my shop.


  1. thanks for the link! does that site have full layouts or just backgrounds? I could only find backgrounds.

  2. that's okay! =].

    btw I love your little pink bunny! so cute! I can't wrap my head around making 3d plushies so I'm a bit jealous of your skills. hehehe =]

  3. Congrats of the feature! Great wine holder too!


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