November 25, 2009

My Temporary Working Space

Normally my workstation is in the 1st floor, but my husband was the opinion in our livingroom it is much warmer and cosier. That is right, sometimes I had such cold fingers I couldn't hold the scissors. My studio in the first floor is the best place in summertime, window southwards and with extra table.
BUT ... you know, Christmas is coming and I started to wonder where to put the Christmas tree, because I use exactly the space where it normally stands. I can see where this will lead ... carrying all my stuff in the 1st floor again. *sigh*

My Temporary Working Space

Ok, but here are pictures from my working place and my sewing machine. Currently I am cutting the fabrics to size on the coffee table. Not the best for my back, but the other table had no space in the living room.

My sewing machine ELNA TSP electronic

My sewing machine is over 20 years old and I have to face the fact that I will need a new one in the near future. She is making sometimes some strange noises. There are so many new and terrific machines available, it will take so much time to look around and find the right machine. I really hope my 'elna' will live forever!


  1. Good luck with all your projects, hope the new space works out for you. My work space is the kitchen table and that stinks. I have to gather everything when I start working and put is all away when I stop.

  2. From here to there and back again...good luck with the quest for the perfect place and the perfect machine :-D

  3. I hope you'll settle soon :)

    But then, little changes are good for the soul sometimes :)

  4. I know how you feel my work space is right next to a window too,& I myself have no idea where we are going to be putting our tree

    Please follow & Comment my blog back?

  5. Your space is so neat! I really have to figure out how to be more organized with my space.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your Elna is newer than mine. Mine is not electronic. I believe the woman who traded mine in for a new on traded for the electronic. That was great because I got to buy hers!Don't you just love her??


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