March 12, 2011


Just showing three of my works in progress. There are much more around. I think I have a problem to finish things. Anyone knows?
Ich zeige nur drei meiner Baustellen. Da gibt es viel mehr. Ich denke ich habe ein Problem Dinge fertig zu stellen. Kennt das jemand?
Hope you are looking forward to see the results.
Ha! Me too!

Ich hoffe ihr freut euch die fertigen Arbeiten zu sehen.
Ha! Ich auch!

And here I give you a look on a future top secret project I am also working on right now. This will be a tutorial or just an inspirational project, don't know yet.
Und hier könnt ihr noch einen Blick auf ein weiteres noch streng geheimes Projekt werfen. Ich weiß noch nicht, ob es ein Tutorial werden wird, aber wenigstens ein Projekt, das euch vielleicht inspiriert.

Why these signs mean "Men At Work"?
I made some small important corrections!
Warum heißen diese Schilder eigentlich "Men At Work"?
Ich habe das mal eben richtig gestellt!
Do you want to see other crafty people in the Germany Street Team?
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  1. Only 3 UFO's ? You must be joking... I know the feeling. Alway eager and happy to start something new. Or just a small knit, I will do that inbetween projects... Or that warm winter sweater, does it really need finishing now ? It's getting too warm to wear anyway... so many excuses.... That's where blog comes in handy : you want to show a picture of a finished object ! Very curious about those pink leafy things...

  2. wow.
    I love the first photo you showed. What are you making? I shawl? I looks beautiful!!

  3. Yes, I've the same problem! Sometimes is so much fun to start something, but I'm bored already, when it comes to finishing...

  4. Yes, what Missus D said! That grey piece is gorgeous!


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