October 21, 2009

Me and my Dog! My Dog and Me?

We have a difficult relationship. I 'inherited' our dog Benno from my brother, because his wife began to work full time and Benno was alone the whole day. Poor! He was six months old and even though I knew I had to do all work with that dog I agreed to take him. He was cute, he was sweet, he had a temper like a rubber ball and he had bad manners. So my husband went to dogschool with him. Benno passed the exam as best. He knew exactly what to do in dogschool, but at home he had forgotten everything. In the garden or in the street he cannot remember any commands, he ignores you and he buggers off.

But he is an absolutely darling with my daughter, she was 2,5 years old when Benno came and they were bosom buddies at once. She can do anything to him, he just let it happen or he goes away and hide. He never ever made dog dirt in the house and he is very obedient inside. And he puts on guard. Smart burglars hopefully pick another house to rob.

Now he is two years with us and he got calmer (me too) and lazier, lies around the whole day. But this is the time when another nuisance beginns. It is getting cold outside and in the garage (where he has his place) and he may (he wants to) sleep in the kitchen. But with every step he makes he looses hair. Even if he just stands still doghair are jumping off. Huge doghair balls in every corner! In wintertime my Hoover is my best friend.
He knows exactly my mixed feelings about him, but I am the one who gave him food, so most of the time he tries to be a good boy. Whenever I tell this story to another mother and housewife, they agree. Hmm, are women catpeople and men and children dogpeople? I don't know but when I think it over, all in all I am glad that Benno joined us.


  1. Are you sure that Benno doesn't leave his bad footprints in the snow this winter? As you know, if you are unlucky and he will run over any doormat, he might get admonished by that German outdoor-clothing company... Who says no to any pawprint on textile!

  2. Aw Benno's cute! Good luck with him :)

  3. Benno is adorable...
    well, I have 5 dogs...yes!5!!
    They are blessings in my life...non stop entertainments~

  4. dogs are wonderful things- how lucky for your daughter to have her best friend with her at all times!


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