May 26, 2011

Crown Princess Margareta

English Rose by David Austin

Ein Highlight im Garten, die Rose wird jedes Jahr höher und schöner.
A highlight in my garden, the rose is higher and more beautiful each year.


  1. Mami, thank you so much for sharing what's growing with you--that rose is truly beautiful!


  2. This is a GORGEOUS rose! You should share if for Fresh-Cut Friday. :)
    Your blog is so pretty! I'm your newest follower!


  3. Mami,

    The color is amazing! I adore roses, but unfortunately lost many of ours in the hurricane a few years ago. I have two antique rose bushes in my front yard that survived.
    Thanks for sharing yours, it's gorgeous!


  4. Thank you for joining in! :) I'm so happy that you did! :)


  5. Oh my, that rose is BEAUTIFUL! Lush in color too. Very nice.


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