September 30, 2009

I am happy to go to the dentist

Yes, I confess I love going to the dentist. The idea of having a hole in my teeth or getting caries is that awful to me, that I am glad to visit the dentist every six months. Today I get my teeth cleaned - oral hygiene (do not know if that is the correct term). But afterwards I was reliefed to have done it.
I am happy to go to the dentist
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  1. I get little stress going to dentist because for 30 minutes you have to keep your mouth opened. My jaws get so tired by keeping my mouth opened. I usually take a pain killer before going to dentist, and then I am good to go.

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  2. Hi I work for a dentist..don't get stressed that just makes it worse. If you relax, it will go by quickly!!

    funkymermaid1 (Susan)


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