October 11, 2009

I just LOVE applejuice

We have a very big garden with lots of appletrees. When we moved in our house with this garden we were overextended with all the fruits. The first year we gave the apples away, I made applesauce and I baked hundreds of apple pie, we almost hated apple pie after some weeks. And there are still so many apples left, which were rotten after some time. So my husband decided to get a squeezer the next year. That was one of his best ideas. We collect the apples and squeezes the best, purest and biological applejuice ever. Average we get 100 litre/22 gallone juice. We heat it and fill it in bottles. That is work for some hours but we got applejuice for at least one year and we don't have a guilty conscience about throwing something to eat away or let it rotten. 


  1. I LOVE Apples! :D I have not seen an apple tree before.. I am not joking.. they don't survive in my country's climate... Do take more photos for me :D

    Thanks for following my blog! Your blog is lovely!

    God Bless


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