June 2, 2013

Sky Scarf 05-2013

Wie die Zeit vergeht. Mai ist auch schon vorbei und er war sehr kalt. Temperaturen sieht man leider nicht am Schal. Der Himmel war zwar viel blau, aber es hatte nur 8°-15°C. Momentan regnet es sehr viel - Hochwasser steigt an vielen Orten.
Sky Scarf
How time flies. May is already over and was very cold. Temperatures can not be seen on the scarf. The sky was often blue but it had only 8°-15°C (45-60F). Currently it rains a lot - flood rises in many places. 


  1. Really pretty looking! But yeah, we're having a really cold spring here too!

  2. Your scarf is lovely, I love the blue. We have had a very cold Spring as well with lots of rain. I hope it warms up soon.
    Everyday Inspired

  3. Liebe Petra,
    der Sky Scarf sieht echt toll aus! ich bin gespannt, wie die Sommermonate werden ;O)
    Sibylle Janßen
    Memelerstrasse 32
    40231 Düsseldorf

  4. Wow. Lots of blue! We finally got some warm weather where I am but tons of rain!


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