August 26, 2011

Too Good For The Compost
Zu schön für den Kompost

Was ist das?
Als ich vor einiger Zeit mein Lavendelbeet durchjätete, fand ich diese Pflanze dazwischen. Sie ist einfach zu schön zum Ausreißen. Kennt jemand den Namen dieser Blume?
What is it?
When I was weeding my lavenderbed some time ago I found this plant in between. It is simply too beautiful to be torn out. Does anyone know the name of this flower?

Mehr Blumen gibt es HIER
and HERE


  1. I don´t know the name but it looks beautiful :) Thanks for joining *Weekendflowers* LG Tina

  2. Leider kenn ich auch nicht den Namen der Pflanze, aber sie sieht wirklich besonders schön aus! Klasse Fotos!


  3. nein diese Blume kenne ich nicht..aber schön ist sie.
    LG vom katerchen

  4. I don't know but it is lovely...reminds me of paper lanterns.

  5. Lovely mosaic I think it's a white papaver, common name: poppy.
    Just google white papaver and click on images to compare your flower.

  6. Thank you so much for adding your pretty images and link to Fresh-Cut Friday. I hope you will consider reciprocating by adding my link to your post.


  7. This is intriguing! Do you think it's a poppy as "Maggie" ha suggested? I googled it but didn't find your flower exactly. The plant's leaves do look like they could be a poppy. I thought of an anemone at first.
    Thanks for coming by my blog! Austria sounds like a beautiful place to live!


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